Nurturing Potential:

Mindset Coaching for Children and Teens

This curriculum provides a foundation for developing a growth mindset in kids by promoting positive self-talk, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection. The focus is on building resilience and a positive outlook, helping kids to understand the power of their thoughts and beliefs, and empowering them to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Here's our 6 Week Curriculum

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Introduction to Mindsets

Understanding mindset and the power of our thoughts and beliefs to help us establish a growth mindset instead of a fixed one.

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Building a Growth Mindset

Understanding the importance of effort and perserverence, the role of failure in learning and growth, and embracing challenges and learning from our mistakes.

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Positive Self Talk

Let's identify negative self talk and it's impact on our thoughts and behavior. Let's talk strategies for promoting positive self talk

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Mindfulness and Self Awareness

Lets understand the benefits of mindfulness and self-awareness for our mental health and well-being and create a practice of mindfulness and self reflection.

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Gratitude & Appreciation

Let's understand the impact gratitude has on our well-being and the power gratitude has on producing positive thoughts.

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Celebrating our Strengths and Accomplishments

We're going to recognize and celebrate our strengths and accomplishments to create higher self esteem and confidence. It's time to set goals and stay on the healthy path that leads to a healthy brain and body for life.

Step-by-Step learning

This course is structured on a weekly basis to help your child comprehend their exceptional brain and how it operates, either hindering or propelling them towards their goals.

Your child will encounter an unprecedented type of learning, as this is not taught in schools.

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Coaching helps kids function better in the world

When children have an understanding of their brain's workings and how to regulate their emotions effectively, they perform better in life and have the potential to become the influential leaders crucial for success.

I aim to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of their brain.

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Add-on Coaching Calls via Zoom

Just as enrolling your child in sports or music classes is a priority, consider signing them up for private coaching sessions to equip them with the skills to master their most valuable asset - their brain.

Assist your child in overcoming stress, confusion, worry and anxiety with a series of coaching sessions with me.

Facilitate your child in developing and sustaining healthy habits for a lifetime through additional personal coaching sessions.

Allow me to assist your child in discovering their drive to embrace life's experiences.

I'll instruct your child in effective communication to avoid awkward and uncomfortable scenarios.

All coaching sessions must be utilized within a 3-month period. I will provide you with a calendar link for prompt scheduling of the sessions.

Online Class Starts April 4th 2023

April 4th - May 9th

3:00pm PST

Upon completing the checkout process, you will be directed to my calendar link to select the most suitable date and time for your chosen course.

There's No Such Thing as a Dumb Question!

What if my child can't make it one week?

While they won't get the exact same lecture, I can record the lesson and email it out to you upon request.

What ages is your curriculum directed to?

Ages 8-18

My child is younger than the age limit. Can they still come?

Anyone younger than 8 years old is not suitable for this specific curriculum. They wouldn't understand it and might get bored. Reach out about a one on one coaching call and I can help them.

What if my child wants to drop the class after attending once?

I suggest as the parent you convince them to "stick it out" for the 6 weeks. Kids always become more comfortable with me, the students and curriculum when you give them a few weeks. If after 3 classes they're not on board, I can refund you the prorated amount.

What's the class setting like

We meet on zoom via a link that I will email to you before each class.

Can parents sit in on the class?


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I'm Heather Mitchell and I'm a Certified Master Health Coach and Life Coach for kids ages 8-18. I love showing kids how they can develop a growth mindset to achieve whatever they want in life. One of my favorite principles to teach children is "Discipline = Freedom." When kids can do hard things without complaing (much), they develop grit and determination to go the distance. Helping them choose health all along the way, will provide their bodies with the strength and stamina they need to accomplish great things.

I look forward to helping your child become a strong leader in your community!

Xoxo - Health Coach Heather

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