BizKids: Learn to Launch Your Own Business


Empower your child to become a young entrepreneur with the BizKids 6-week course! Through interactive activities, engaging lessons, and real-world examples, your child will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, including identifying a business idea, creating a business plan, marketing and selling products or services, and managing finances.

Here's our 6 Week Curriculum

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Week one, we'll explore entrepreneurship and its importance, the mindset and traits of successful entrepreneurs, inspiring stories, different business models, and key components of a successful business model. We'll also help you generate and refine your business ideas. Join us and gain a solid understanding of entrepreneurship to start your own successful venture.

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Crafting Your Business Plan & Logo

During this exciting week, we guide students in the art of crafting a robust business plan using Canva. From brainstorming innovative concepts to outlining concrete goals, we help students develop a comprehensive blueprint for their entrepreneurial dreams. With Canva's intuitive platform, students will learn to create visually captivating business plans that effectively communicate their vision.

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It's Time for Web Design

In Week 3, I personally guide you in refining your business plan and creating your website using "Google Sites." We'll review and fine-tune your business plan, ensuring it aligns with your goals. Additionally, I'll provide step-by-step assistance in establishing a professional online presence. With my expert support, you'll gain the skills needed to bring your ideas to life and set the foundation for a successful venture.

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Marketing & Sales

Week 4 we'll begin by exploring techniques for researching potential customers and market trends to understand customer needs and behaviors. We'll then cover the basics of marketing and promotion, including building a marketing strategy. Additionally, you'll learn about the importance of sales and how to make an effective pitch.

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Financial Planning & Budgeting

Welcome to week five, where we'll explore the fun world of Financial Planning and Budgeting! We'll start by teaching you basic money concepts and terms, then show you how to make a simple budget and understand the importance of having enough money. We'll also talk about how to measure the success of your business and make smart choices with your money.

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Final Project Evaluations

In week six, we'll wrap up our course with Final Project Evaluations. This is your chance to showcase all that you've learned and accomplished over the past five weeks. You'll present your final project to the class, receive feedback and insights from your peers, and celebrate your growth and progress. We'll also take time to reflect on your journey and discuss next steps for bringing your idea to life.

Step-by-Step learning

Welcome to the BizKids course, where your child will not only learn about entrepreneurship, but also about their exceptional brain and how it can either hinder or propel them towards their goals. My course is structured on a weekly basis, providing an unprecedented type of learning experience that is not taught in schools.

By understanding their unique strengths and abilities, your child will be better equipped to succeed in the business world and beyond. Join me for an exciting journey of growth and discovery, and give your child the gift of knowledge and empowerment.

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Coaching helps kids function better in the world

When children have an understanding of their brain's workings and how to regulate their emotions effectively, they perform better in life and have the potential to become the influential leaders crucial for success.

I aim to demonstrate the incredible capabilities of their brain to start and grow a business.

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Add-on Coaching Calls via Zoom

Just as enrolling your child in sports or music classes is a priority, consider signing them up for private coaching sessions to equip them with the skills to master their most valuable asset - their brain.

Assist your child in overcoming stress, confusion, worry and anxiety with a series of coaching sessions with me.

Facilitate your child in developing and sustaining healthy habits for a lifetime through additional personal coaching sessions.

Allow me to assist your child in discovering their drive to embrace life's experiences.

I'll instruct your child in effective communication to avoid awkward and uncomfortable scenarios.

All coaching sessions must be utilized within a 3-month period. I will provide you with a calendar link for prompt scheduling of the sessions.

These are semi-private coaching sessions aimed to help your child thrive in business. 2 Kids Max Per Class

Grab a spot on my calendar that's convenient for you and we'll work closely together for 6 weeks.

Upon completing the checkout process, you will be directed to my calendar link to select the most suitable date and time for the course. I have discovered that one on one is much better for my BizKids course rather than group coaching. I can personally look at your childs works and help them craft something incredible to give to the world.

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Heather is a life and health coach specializing in helping kids become successful entrepreneurs. As a mother of two young business owners, Heather has created a 6-week course to teach children the skills and strategies needed to start their own businesses. Through her coaching and teaching, Heather empowers children to become confident, creative thinkers, while promoting positive health habits and a growth mindset to help them overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Heather started her own coaching business in 2018 and has never looked back. Entrepreneurship is the best!

There's No Such Thing as a Dumb Question!

What if my child can't make it one week?

While they won't get the exact same lecture, I can record the lesson and email it out to you upon request.

What ages is your curriculum directed to?

This particular curriculum is for 10yrs and older.

My child is younger than the age limit. Can they still come?

Anyone younger than 10 years old is not suitable for this specific curriculum. I will be pushing student designing their own business which will require some technical skills.

What if my child wants to drop the class after attending once?

I suggest as the parent you convince them to "stick it out" for the 6 weeks. Kids always become more comfortable with me, the students and curriculum when you give them a few weeks. If after 3 classes they're not on board, I can refund you the prorated amount.

What's the class setting like

These are online zoom classes only and take about one hour each week.

Can parents sit in on the class?

Absolutely. If a parent would like to sit in on the calls, that's great.

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