Destination Perfect Health

2 one-on-one calls every month (50 min) for 12 months

Healthy Planner Sent Right to Your Door

Access to LIVE group calls "Group Coaching" with Heather where you can be coached and get guidance weekly for 12 months!

Challenges to keep you progressing to your optimal health and weight such as...

  • 30 Days of Exercise
  • Fermented Foods Challenge
  • 30 days of Meditation
  • Biceps/Abs/Triceps Tone-up
  • 10 Days of Healthy lunches
  • Healthy Family meals
  • No Social Media for 5 days

Bonuses Such As...

  • My library of Wellness Workshop Videos
  • Recorded Roll & Release Classes
  • My Workouts in Video Format to Take to Gym
  • Neuro-Gym (EFT, Meditations, Visualization practice, Muscle Testing etc..)
  • Live (Zoom) Cooking Classes
  • Live Fitness Classes and Mobility Classes
  • Homesteading Course - Canning, Freeze Drying Foods, & Gardening
  • Traditional Foods Classes - Sourdough Bread, Fermented Foods, Ancient wisdom.
  • Herbs and Natural Remedies Course

12 Monthly Masterclass Topics around Health & Life

Epigenetic Hair Scan

Customized Nutrition Plans

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